Recertification of Passenger Assistance Safety and Sensitivity (PASS) Training Program

As the industry standard, The PASS Recertification program continues to focus on the comprehensive training on the assistance that drivers should be providing to passengers with special needs.

If you have not attended the PASS wheelchair securement training in person, you are not eligible for the wheelchair recertification program.  Click the "home" button and complete the correct program under "PASS Basic 7.0 Driver Training".

PASS Driver Wheelchair Re-certification Program 
The trainee must has a valid wheelchair certification through CTAA offices in order to be eligible to complete the PASS Driver Wheelchair Recertification Program. A certificate from our standard PASS driver two-day classroom training. Or a certificate in Hands-on (wheelchair) training that includes a basic online number. Participant must pay the required recertification fee.  Contact CTAA offices via email at to verify your status prior to registering for the program. Your account status will be removed immediately if you do not have valid CTAA (PASS) wheelchair certificate.  

Option I - Completed the Basic online plus Hand-on wheelchair training in person? You will be required to enter your PASS wheelchair certificate number. To retrieve a copy of your wheelchair certificate, go the certificate request link under the menu bar and process your request.


Option 2 - Completed the two-day classroom training in person?  You are required to enter your CTAA Account ID. You must contact CTAA offices to retrieve your account ID via email at